Tuesday, December 21, 2010

37 Week Check Up

Gained another 5lbs! So what are we at now? 37lb total weight gain? Craaaazy. It's all in my belly tho *as I look down and notice i dropped jelly on my belly from my pb&j i was eating*

Everything went pretty normally. I was told this was my last time getting blood drawn.....YAY! And I had my Groub B strep test done. It's pretty much the same procedure as a PAP smear only..duh it's a different test.

I asked the doctor about my braxton hicks and my back pains...since they've gotten worse for me during the weekend. It's all perfectly normal..(of course).. she said since I'm such a small person carrying a nice weight baby (still have yet to have an ultrasound to see how big he is) that he's partially in my belly and partially in my back. And now that the time is drawing near....he's just really trying to get comfortable..there's no space in there!

So now my doctor's appointments are every week. I go back next Wednesday. I'm just really anxious at this point..pretty soon my baby boy will be here! ♥

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Birth Plan

Being that I will be delivering in a hospital where I do not receive prenatal care and where no one knows me..I have my birth plan ready for the nurse and delivering doctor to go through so that they can get a general idea of how I would like things to go. So of course I'm sharing it with the blog...why not?

This birth plan is to help people understand me and my pregnancy better..and how I would (like) things to go. My pregnancy has been a fairly easy one with the occasional bump & cramp or two, but I’m thankful for it being very….smooth. I would like delivery to go the same. The things listed in this plan are in no way “mandatory” ,of course things don’t ALWAYS go as planned, it’s just a general idea of how I would like everything to go. This is my first child…I don’t know everything! Therefore, any safer/easier alternative to anything listed here is very openly accepted.

I would like to go through the labor process naturally for as long as possible, however, I will be opting for an epidural. I don’t want to be forced into getting an epidural too early in the process that it wears off by the time I need it most. The moments before the epidural where I am dealing with my pain naturally, I would like to be able to move as freely as possible (Not many wires and gadgets connected to me). I would like use of the shower when I get too uncomfortable.

The persons to be present in the delivery room will be baby’s father and my mother. In the case that baby’s father is not available, I would prefer my best friend to take his place. In the case that my mother isn’t available, I would prefer that baby’s paternal grandmother take her place. I will be having my ipod in my ears at all times (unless of course there’s important topics to be discussed).

I will be breastfeeding so there shouldn’t be any formula feeding by nurses. Being that my son will be getting circumsized, I will allow him to have a pacifier during and after the procedure but other than that, NO PACIFIERS please. I would prefer if he stayed and slept in my room at all times unless there is testing to be done that can not be done inside the recovery room.

Again, nothing in this plan is binding. It’s just a general idea of how I would like things to go.

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Need Is a Baby ((Pics))

So I finally put some pep in my step and finished the carseat and other random things. Here's the pics I halfway promised from the last post ((I wanted to take a pic of his coming home outfit..but I forgot...and I don't feel like going to unpack it right now...yeah...back to lazy mode))

So here's my pack & play/bassinet. Being that I just moved back to my mother's house..there's really no room for both of us to have anything big and extravagant. So he (and I) will be sleeping in the living room until we move in February.
It was given to me by his Aunt. It was barely niece would rather sleep next to her than in her bed lol.

Here's the link so you can see a more...unwashed out picture ((the sun is crazy in that room..i love it though)).
It retails at for $135 and is very easy to put together/take apart and travel with.

The changing area. I put wash cloths in one of the holders to the side. When I get some baby wipes ((which I have none yet lol)) They will somehow go there too. More than likely I'll have a travel size holder to fit in there.

And in the other holder next to the washcloths are pampers & extra onesies for those "Oops!" changing moments.

Don't mind the pile of crap in the back :)
Here is the swing. I loooove it. It can actually rotate to a different direction so that it rocks as opposed to "swing" and it plays music as well as outdoors sounds. I took the tray off..I don't think I'm really going to use it until he gets a little bigger. Idk..that's TBD.

This was given to me by that lovely lady I found on craigslist.

And here is the car seat. It is Chicco brand and retais for $180 at Babies R Us
Which includes the car seat base, head & body supports and arm strap protectors. After playing around with it and figuring out some of it's little secrets...I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

(I took the straps out to wash the liner and everything..and didn't put them back in for the pic. Blah.

This was given to me as well by my craigslist angel.

Then I put in my JJ Cole BundleMe so he can be nice and warm. It retails for about $50 on

So now I can sit back and relax for these next couple of weeks..because everything is all set and ready! Well minus the fact that I need to pack my stuff into the bag...Everything for Bryce is packed, set up...and ready! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stick a Fork in Her...

((random : I really don't remember posting that last post LMAO))

So I just got back from my doctor's appointment. Gained another 5 pounds.....So I'm at a 33lb weight gain. And honestly....I don't see it. But oh well....I'm definitely not trying to gain anymore. I have a feeling by the time Bryce is born I will have gained 40 lbs. WHOA.
Other than that...nothing new on the homefront. I got BJ's area set up..I definitely want to take pictures of that and post them on here...but whether I actually do it or not is to be determined lol.  I've started packing our hospital bag...BJ's clothes and onesies and a couple diapers (i know they give PLENTY at the hosptial ... but whatever) are already in the bag....but I have yet to pack anything of mine. I've been feeling soooo.....hmm.....I guess LAZY is a good word lol. Lately it's just been like pulling teeth trying to get me to do anything.

Well my next doctor's appointment is scheduled for December 21st...HOPEFULLY I get an ultrasound then. I HAVEN'T HAD AN ULTRASOUND SINCE I WAS 20 WEEKS! I miss my baby :( But of course.."they don't do ultrasounds unless they absolutely have to". Bah Humbug. I'll just settle with hearing his heartbeat....In a matter of weeks...I'll be able to stare at him WHENEVER I want! =D

This was taken a couple of hours ago. I've blown up compared to the last pic I posted lmao.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

33 Weeks

Sooo...Haven't updated in a while. Oops!
Alot has been going on...just getting ready for baby and dealing with the constant body pain as well.
Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I officially moved back to my hometown on Oct. 19th and I've just been getting everything straight and settled since then.
While my medicaid is still being processed, I'm receiving free prenatal care from my city's health department and I'm even cleared to deliver at the hospital I wanted. So that's great.
I'm at a whopping weight gain of 28 POUNDS! I don't know how that happened...but it happened. So now...for the next 7 weeks....I'm trying to not gain anymore weight...but I know that's not going to happen lol. I'm confused because I have no idea where this weight is going. I'm still skinny minny..and it's not like my belly is reeeeeally huge. Actually wait. I think it's all boobs and belly. My boobs are monstrous.
My friend who had the same due date as me delivered her baby 2 days ago! A whole  7.5 weeks early...but she's perfectly a perfectly healthy 3lb preemie. She just really wanted out lol. She went into labor around 10pm Monday night....and labored by herself at home until tuesday morning. Went to the hospital around 9:30 Tuesday morning and baby Destiny was here a hour later. CRAZY! She went totally natural AND labored the whole way in her home. That's something I wouldn't be able to do....I need drugs honey. But she said you never know until it we'll see.

Thanks to Craigslist and a very giving lady, I was able to find someone who was giving away ALOT of baby items. I received 2 full trash bags of baby clothes ranging from newborn all the way to 18 months. She gave me a bouncer, 2 swings, a high chair, one of the floor play mats thingys, and a VERY brand new carseat. Compared to me only having a crib...I went from 0 to 60 very fast. Now I'm not nervous anymore. I have alot of clothes to start me off as he grows, I don't need any furniture....I"m blessed. I took belly pictures last week for my 32nd week..but I want to take some fresh new ones under the sunlight. So I'll post those tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The In-Laws

So...there are a few things that have been bothering me lately.

I'm very familiar with baby's father's family. They know me, they know who I am. I attended a party 2 weekends ago for his grandmother's birthday. (He was there...but I didn't even know it until later. After all...I wasn't there for him anyway). As soon as I walk in of course they notice my belly...and instead of getting properly welcomed...I get introduced by his mother as "we don't know if it's his yet...but yup she's pregnant!". That statement...just put a damper on my whole evening. I didn't want to do anything. I didn't want to socialize. I just wanted to turn back around and go home.

Honestly....I know they want me to do a DNA test. WHATEVER. I can't wait to prove you wrong. But...that should be between me and him. Not the whole damn mothafukin world. And being that he doesn't even deny my son....I don't feel like it was proper etiquette for her to flaunt my "bastard" child like that. The fact that my son and my pregnancy is not being embraced like it was for his sister's's disheartening and unmotivational. It's like "Hey she's a ho and we're playing russian roulette with this one."

Trust me...if I had a choice of who the father would would NOT be him. So this whole...she's just claiming the baby's his, or this whole she's trying to trap him attitude....Needs to be changed. ASAP. I'm already at the point where I just want to cut ties with them. Do my court thing. And go that route. I don't want his mother anywhere near the hospital...cuz all I'm going to get is fakeness...and I don't want to deal with it. She can visit, like everyone else, a few days AFTER we come home.

I doubt if he's even going to be in the emergency room. I'm nowhere near his priority and I'm constantly on low simmer on the back burner. Part of the reason for me moving back to Virginia is so that my child could be closer to his father and his family. But honestly, I feel like he's going to get the same treatment here in Virginia that he would have gotten if he lived in New York. I have only spent one day with BD. But yet he claims that "I'm always trying to be around him". Um what? No. He's actively only seen me once. Any other time that we have seen each was not due to him. It was because I was invited around for other occassions that he had no dealings with. All the times we were supposed to spend time with each other...he either chose his friends over me or just stood me up all together. So that BS about we spend too much time together and I need to relax and not get mad when he doesn't come by....OVER IT. He's obviously living in some fantasy world with a twin of mine or something.

Baby's father also let it slip last night when we were having a "heated discussion", that his mother doesn't want me in their house "that much". Really? Like seriously...really? First of all...I have never asked to spend the night..every time I have went to visit...I go with the intentions of coming back home. I've stayed a total of two nights. One night because he told me to on my birthday. And one night because my friend asked if I wanted to stay..and I was tired anyway.  You let some sneaky, conniving bitch in the house everyday...but I can't even come visit? L.O.L.

I'm seriously at my breaking point.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Found This Hilarious on BC

Dear Dora,
I'm pregnant and I know my baby can hear, so I'll keep this clean. Dora, I watch you when I babysit my nieces and babysit in general. And a few things that worry me have come up. I will list them as follows:
I've been letting you into my home every Saturday and Sunday night, and I even DVR you by demand of the kids I regularly babysit. This has been going on since I discovered what a gold mine babysitting is, so about 2 years. Watching you 2 days (sometimes 3) a week times 52. Which means I see you a lot. At this point I feel like we're BFF's. So I think I can tell you something without getting you getting too offended.
You're getting on my nerves.
You're putting way too many demands on me. You keep yelling at me to STAND UP, STAND UP. And for god sake's woman, I'm pregnant, it takes me a while, so calm yourself and speak in a normal tone please. I just want to sit on the couch, do my homework, maybe go on Facebook, but you're yelling makes something so mindless as Facebook nearly impossible.
I appreciate that you can find volcanoes and everything on your own without bothering your parents about it. I like that kind of independence. However it does concern me that your parents let you and your cousins run wild around the rain forest with only a map to guide you. If you want to keep having these little adventures then I suggest investing a GPS. They're quite nice.
Perhaps your pushiness is a reaction to your parent's neglect. They obviously haven't taken you clothes shopping in a while. If you keep wearing that horrific belly shirt, you're going to be as skankkeous as Lindsay Lohan. I see that you're often left to forage around for you're own food: blueberries, chocolate, Big Red Chicken. What little you find, Swiper steals. It's quite sad really...
Is it possible that you're parents are out partying with Max and Ruby's parents? Because it would explain a lot.
I have a feeling that this also involves Caillou's parents too. They seem all too relaxed to deal with Caillou's constant whinning... Why hasn’t Caillou’s mom ever snapped, “For God’s sake, Caillou, maybe if you stop whining for five seconds I’d be able to think straight and figure out why you’re bald”? I’ll tell you why. It’s because she’s whacked out on Mommy’s Little Helpers.

Jeez, Dora, the more I think about it, the more worried I am about y’all. Ruby’s been on her own for years, taking care of Max, with only their tipsy grandmother peeking in once in a while. Max has a significant speech delay and doesn’t seem to be getting any Early Intervention services.
And who will take care of Caillou and Rosie? The mom is whacked out on tranquilizers and the dad is oblivious. Best-case scenario for Caillou is that someone hooks him up with a foster home and Locks of Love.

And you, Dora. You’re off gallivanting around the world being supervised by a monkey. It’s not good. So please, I beg of you, stop yelling at me, and I will help you.

P.S Do your parents know that you're parading with a monkey? Oh forget that, they probably don't considering that they're out clubbing with Caillou. Max & Ruby's parents...

Dear Wonderpets,
Thank you for taking the time to help nuture my daughters as they reached school-age. You guys are such a cute little trio, especially since Ming Ming's lisp is nearly identical to my YDD. I'll admit, you annoyed the piss out of me in the beginning, but you slowly won me over.
Kudos to you for reaching the point in our society that you inspired my MIL to undertake a huge waste of time and effort to find a ringtone for her cell phone. It is astounding how many children will run through a crowded store to find the source of the music going "The phone...The phone is ringing. The phone...We'll be right there!" It is seriously like she's the Pied Piper of all children between the age of 2-5. It's a good thing that no shady characters have caught on to this, or we would have trouble with how easily our children could be kidnapped.
That being said, I think it's time for you guys to grow up. Ming Ming needs speech therapy. Tuck is great at being sensitive with the animals you guys rescue, but I'm worried about what might happen to him as he grows up with all the bullying that goes on. He seems destined for swirlys and long timeouts in his locker if he doesn't "man up." And Linny is a walking encyclopedia who needs to relax or she's going to grow up to be a 30yr old virgin with 5 doctorates.
Donate the Flyboat to NASA. They need some design help and I think that they could use the Flyboat to turn their whole program around.
Please grow up before my new LO comes this yr. You have 2 yrs to get your lives in order before he will be able to watch up. If you're still around, drastic measures will be taken. I will find some sort of eco-bug capable of taking out all the celery in the world. Just sayin', you've been warned.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

27 Week Doc Check Up : My Child Needs Anger Management

So...the docs appt went pretty much as usual. I haven't gained any weight in the past 2 weeks ... which is better than losing which my body has liked doing this whole pregnancy. So I'm still at a total 27 week weight gain of a whopping....10.

I guess the only hilarious part was when she went to check BJ's heartbeat with the doppler. I'm so used to him kicking the doppler's just like whatever. But today....OMG. Ok, whenever I lay flat on my back you can VERY clearly see the hump where he is laying.  As soon as the doctor put the jelly on my stomach....I felt him squirming. I'm thinking "oh boy...he's assuming the position so he can get a good kick in". NO. This boy would not sit still so she could get a good listen to his heart. You could see him literally moving from side to side of my belly as she tried to chase him. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh my ass off while I was on that table. I'm seriously dying laughing right now. You could see the lump just slooowly move to the left side....then back to the right...then back to the left...then back to the right...all this while he's also managing to kick (or punch) the doppler....3 TIMES! So after settling on a very faint but noticable and great heartbeat my doc gave up. You could just see the frustration on her poor face lmao.

So at my 25 week appt I took my glucose test. She said everything was fine with that....but I should "lay off the cookies". O_O First of did she know I eat a (family) pack of cookies a day? Second of sweets?? That's like......that's like death to me. Lol...So I had to go to the store and stock up on more healthy snack options. I'm proud of the options...but it's like everywhere I turn now...somebody's eating a damn cookie. SINCE WHEN?? These mofos don't even eat cookies like that! I think someone's out to get me. -_-

I also got my flu shot today. My doctor asked me if I wanted one and I flatout said "No." I've never gotten one and I haven't caught the flu in over 4 years. But of course.....she laid the guilt trip on me "Weeeeeell pregnant women get sick easily and when they get sick.....they get it bad." How the hell could I say no to that? So I reluctantly told her ok. It didn't hurt when I got it....and now 4 hours later my arm is THROBBING. Damn nurse told me if I start noticing cold symptoms to take a tylenol. First of all...I had to settle with taking tylenol for my pain... I HATED tylenol b4 I got never worked. I was an Aleve girl. I know for a fact that ish is not gonna work if I get the damn flu. If I get sick....and I know I will because that's what a flu shot does....IT GET'S YOU SICK...I'm coming all the way back to NY and coughing in everybody's face. *hmph.

But that was my last appointment with my doc here in NY. I'm moving back home to Virginia next week....*ultra sad face*. Even though I'm sad to be leaving...I know this is a better option for me and Bryce and I am soo ready to begin yet another new life. My mom called social services down in VA for me (I would've did it myself...but....she's my mom....enough said) to see what I needed to do as far as my food stamps and medicaid and they said all I needed to do was get NY to transfer my case down...So I guess I'll attempt to get in touch with someone tomorrow.

The whole social services thing is another issue...1 of the many reasons I'm stressed out these days. But once I move and get everything settled...I know my stress and frustration level will go considerably down. Why can't moving be easy??

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TP Tuesday

Late...again. It's officially Wednesday lmao...but I just did my measurements and ran...(or hurredly typed lol!) to my pregnancy forum to put them in. Sooo of course I said I would share them here too.

As of the moment I am still 10 sheets. Same as last week :)

I feel a growth spurt coming on belly button is poking out more and more each day (which means baby is pushing up against it more and more).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Can I Run To?

That SWV..or Total (...or whoever's) song has been on repeat in my mind.

So these past few days I've been doing alot of thinking. Reevaluating relationships because I need to stop wasting my time on dead weight. What it really comes down to is I have no one I can really talk to. I have no one I can call up and know that they're going to answer. Naturally, these days all I want to talk about is my baby and new things that's happening or weird things that's going on. It seems like every time I bring him up to someone...the subject gets changed and I get disregarded.

Who did I call when for the past 2 days BJ wasn't moving like he was supposed to? No one. I would rather sit by my lonesome and talk to my belly than talk to "friends" who aren't listening. I thought that's what friends were for. To be that shoulder to lean on. To just listen when you need to talk. At least that's what I do. That's my definition. If I'm wrong...please advise because I need to change my ways to my "friends". I'm always there. Even if I have no advice to give....Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a person is your time. Why can't I get that in return?

So I'm finding myself distancing myself from alot of people in my life. There's no need for me to be stressing over people answering their phone's and whatnot....They don't even call ME! I'm always the one reaching out. That's something else that's going to change.

You gotta give to receive.

Anyway. Bryce is fine. Mother's instinct told me he was doing great. I'm not one of those paranoid moms that call the hospital or go to the ER unnecessarily 24/7. I just let him get his rest. Now today he was back to doing his normal thing...only I felt hands more than feet... he did more tickling than kicking. He only kicked me when I was TRYING to eat. Making me have to run to the bathroom on more than one occasion.

Friday, Oct. 8th marks the start of my 7th month.....Yikes! 3rd Trimester...the home stretch. I can't wait. BJ is already my new best friend. Can't wait to have a face to put with the title.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TP Tuesday

So one of the ladies in my Birth Club started this little game called "TP Tuesday". Where every week on tuesday we measure our bellies with toilet paper and count how many squares big we are. I thought this was such a great idea of course I had to take part...even if I am a day late in reading it lol.

So as of today I am 10 toilet paper squares round. Hehehe...

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Week Check-Up at the OB

So I just got back from the doctor. Had a very good visit.

While I was on the train going to my appointment is when Bryce woke up for the morning. He was moving around doing his usual morning aerobics..When BAM. He kicked me hard as hell! I looked up to see if anyone else on the train saw my shirt rise up from him kicking me and this lady was looking at me with the O_O face. LMAO! I think she thought I was possessed lol.

As some of you may know, I've been having issues with gaining weight. At my last appointment I had LOST 2 pounds of the total 8 I had gained. So my target for this go around was to EAT EAT EAT and try to gain at least 10 pounds. -_- I gained 4. Which makes my total weight gain in all 25 weeks I've been pregnant a grand total of 10! It seems like no matter how much I eat...the weight will not stick! But baby is gaining weight honestly that's all that matters. I was worried that my doctor was going to say something but she didn't. I did however pay a visit to my nutrionist to see what else I can do food wise to TRY to gain some weight. Little skinny ol' me won't be able to carry big ol' Bryce much bones will break lol. So she gave me another food plan....*Looks down at list*....That's alot of food....but I'm going to try it.

So while my doctor was listening to BJ's heartbeat she noticed his heartbeat was a little high and asked me if he was moving. Right as I said  "Yeah, he..." what does Bryce do? Yup. He kicked the doppler. My baby has an attitude problem. Lol. This is the second time in a row he's done that. "Ma, tell her to move that thing!" Lol. ♥

So now instead of 4 week checkups....I've moved to 2 weeks! I'm so excited lol..I thought this day would never come. Pretty soon it'll be 1 week checks..and then Bryce will be here! I can't wait to have another ultrasound tho...I don't have one scheduled currently "/

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 More Hours Pleeease?

So I woke up super early today (yes...11am is super early to me lmao. Me and BJ usually don't wake up until around 3pm..12:30 during the week) only because I had some stuff to take care of on facebook (I'm a Cafe World FREAK). I said I was going back to sleep when I finished but then BJ woke up and started kicking me like he's crazy.

Sidebar: Me and BJ have our own little language already. I give him an option and tell him to kick me such amount of times for yes or no (lol).

But I didn't even get a chance to do that today...I accidently said outloud "my head hurts..imma go back to sleep for a minute b4 i eat"....let me just say...Bryce did not like that. He kicked the living crap out of me for a good 5 minutes, forcing me to sit up in bed and start chewing on a piece of gum. So it's looking like I have to eat before I go back to sleep.

Sigh...I love my son ♥♥

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Know You're Pregnant When....

This post came up on one of my baby forums and wanted to share a couple of posts.  It kind of brightened my night.

You know you're pregnant when you are super excited about opening your new breastpump and trying it out.
You know you are pregnant when you feel gassy constantly
You know you're pregnant when the grocery store is as exciting to you as a candy store is to a kid
You know you're pregnant when you recheck the fridge every 5 mins to see if your craving has appeared
You know you're pregnant when can't go up a flight of stairs without sounding like you just ran miles
You know you're pregnant when you rather walk about in your underwear because nothing is comfortable to you anymore

No Pacifiers ... PLEASE!

Starting from birth...I will not be using any pacifiers. I don't see the point in them and too many parents rely on them as a way to unhandedly comfort their child. What's the joy in having your child suck on a piece of plastic for hours on end just because you don't want to hear your child cry or you're too "busy" to comfort him on your own? There are parents around that have 2 year olds and still haven't "weened" their child away from the pacifier. Why?

I don't want my child to have to rely on materialistic things and lead him to believe that these things are what he "needs". They're just temporary fixes and that's why I will not be giving my child a pacifier.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is sad..but still wanted to share.

Preemie dies on day of parents' funeral

It's Going To Be Hard...But I'm Ready (+Photos)

So during the past couple of weeks I've been catching up on episodes of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I would like to say that having my first child at 24, I'm at the age where I could care less if I go out every night or if I see my "friends every day. I'm looking forward to mommy hood and the stress it brings and I'll be very upset if I missed a milestone in my child's life because I was out partying and not out taking care of business.

So I realize that I never posted a blog after my ultrasound I had at 20 weeks. So here are a few pics :



I am so excited. I kind of already knew I was having a boy and it's what I wanted my first child to be but after having so many people tell me it was a girl, I was starting to think otherwise. My son's name will be Bryce Addai Johnson.

This is me now. At 24 weeks....


Saturday, August 21, 2010

20 Weeks

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Belly Pic - 18weeks

So I took these pics a week ago (I'm 19 weeks today) and I didn't know if I should post them. Didn't want people to think I was obsessed with my belly.....but in the end, who cares? This is my first child and I'm excited.

So take a look-see.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Up late...relaxing feeling the little one squirm around. I've noticed that it's more active during late nights during the day. My little night owl baby ♥.
8 days until I find out the gender. Can't wait.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Countdown Begins

 2 weeks until we find out the sex of the baby!

I had already picked my names out...but I was beginning to hate my boy name (Jase Alexander) as the days went on. The thing is I met someone in the family who named their child Jase, and granted I will never meet this person again, I began to despise that name from that day on. I just hate when there's someone in a family with the same name as someone's tacky (unless they're named after that person).
So I solicited the help of the baby's father...and he thought of the best name in my opinion. I'm very supersticious as far as sharing I won't share the name of the baby until after I find out the gender...

We're both hoping for a boy :) .. sonogram is scheduled for August 17th...I haven't seen my baby since June 30th. Uuuuuugh. At least I have a doctor's appointment on August 3rd and I'll be able to hear the heartbeat. That always makes my heart melt.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

15 Weeks

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Either He's Making Popcorn or....

I think I just felt my baby kick.

I've been feeling him move since I was 13 weeks....and the other day I swear I felt 1 kick....but today....It was like 7 or 8 back to back and then I feel them off and on every half hour or so.

I'm just sooo happy. =D

SN:  I need to start taking my belly mom's been getting on my back about those (considering she doesn't live in the same state as me).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


12 weeks 5 days

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair Anyone?

I'm gonna need for the hair on my kindly make its way to my head. Seriously. I heard that hair would grow in weird places......but I look like a freaking bear!

First official official sonogram tomorrow...can't wait!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updated Due Date

Soo I haven't had my official sonogram yet...that won't be until the 21st of this month. But at my doctor's appointment on the 9th I asked for a small ultrasound..just so that I could see my baby. OMG...i kept telling myself not to cry..but when she zoomed in on the heart and I saw that little light flickering.......I lost it. Its still pretty surreal to me that I'm finally carrying my angel...

Anyway she measured the baby and gave me the actual date...I was 9 weeks 3 days on the 9th...which.....counting back the days (7 weeks and 3 days -- take off 2 weeks for the last period -- ...hits it right on the nose for when I conceived..I dare him to say something about not being the father....) NEWHOO CONTINUING ON...... My inital due date that I calculated based on my last period alone was January 11th..but with the actual age of the baby..I'm due on the 9th.

I'm soo excited :)

((I updated my ticker at the top as well))

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Aaawww! You're Glowing!"


Am I really?

What is this "glow" you speak of? Because personally....Unless you're talking about the excess oil and acne making my face more noticable...I have yet to notice a glow. face staaaays oily. I have no idea what product I can use to keep at bay even for at least a hour. I now wash my face 3 times a day and use my toner every chance I get.

The acne wasn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago...but the oil.....huuuuuunnnneeeeey......idk what to do.
Does anyone recommend a product?? I can literally moisturize my whole body with the oil from my face.

Not even laughing. -_-

EDIT 6/2/10 : I forgot I had my Dark Angels Cleanser from LUSH. That stuff used to dry my face OUT b4 I got I'm going to try that and see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

Sooo this morning I went to work and tried to swipe myself in with my EBT the time I realized what I was doing, I was soo pissed off and frustrated. It took me at least 5 swipes to think to look at the card to make sure it was the right one...smh.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm pretty sure you've been wondering why I haven't posted anything since my first post. Um...I've been sleeping! Boy they were not lying when they said fatigue, fatigue, fatigue.

Well I can't complain tooo much..that's probably the only symptom I've been experiencing. Well besides the feeling of my tummy stretching,and the hurting boobs. But...I'm just happy I';m amongst the few that has no morning sickness (*looks around makes sure no one heard me...don't want to jinx myself*).

I'll be 7 weeks on Tuesday....2 more weeks until I'm 9 weeks...aka until I start my 3rd month...aka the last month of my first trimester! Hmm...when I think about it that way...time is going faster than I thought ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 11, 2011. Officially 7 days late for my period and officially "wondering". After several occassions of being late for my period by a couple of days..I thought nothing this time around when it didn't come on the 4th like it was supposed to. But I didn't want to test just yet.
After being disappointed several times...I decided to hold out until the 7th day this time.
I went to Rite-Aid because they was having a sale on the EPT pack of 2 for only $9.99..but of course they were sold out -_-. I settled for the $10.99 Answer brand pregnancy test thinking that if I'm really pregnant ... 1. I'm 7 days HCG levels should be through the roof and it really doesn't matter what test I use...if im pregnant.
Went home and had to wait a couple hours to test because I had just peed b4 I went to the store. So around 9pm...I took the test with me to the bathroom...did the whole pee on the stick thing..blah blah blah..and set it aside so i could finish handling my business. The whole time I'm thinking "I'm not period is jus gonna be REALLY late". Nope. I picked that test up and saw 2 lines.

Imagine how shocked I was..The one time I set myself up for a negative...i get a positive.

So the journey begins. The mood swings. The fatigue. The peeing every 30 seconds. The nausea. Oh joy. Me and my almond are gonna have a very fun filled 9 months.