Thursday, November 18, 2010

33 Weeks

Sooo...Haven't updated in a while. Oops!
Alot has been going on...just getting ready for baby and dealing with the constant body pain as well.
Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I officially moved back to my hometown on Oct. 19th and I've just been getting everything straight and settled since then.
While my medicaid is still being processed, I'm receiving free prenatal care from my city's health department and I'm even cleared to deliver at the hospital I wanted. So that's great.
I'm at a whopping weight gain of 28 POUNDS! I don't know how that happened...but it happened. So now...for the next 7 weeks....I'm trying to not gain anymore weight...but I know that's not going to happen lol. I'm confused because I have no idea where this weight is going. I'm still skinny minny..and it's not like my belly is reeeeeally huge. Actually wait. I think it's all boobs and belly. My boobs are monstrous.
My friend who had the same due date as me delivered her baby 2 days ago! A whole  7.5 weeks early...but she's perfectly a perfectly healthy 3lb preemie. She just really wanted out lol. She went into labor around 10pm Monday night....and labored by herself at home until tuesday morning. Went to the hospital around 9:30 Tuesday morning and baby Destiny was here a hour later. CRAZY! She went totally natural AND labored the whole way in her home. That's something I wouldn't be able to do....I need drugs honey. But she said you never know until it we'll see.

Thanks to Craigslist and a very giving lady, I was able to find someone who was giving away ALOT of baby items. I received 2 full trash bags of baby clothes ranging from newborn all the way to 18 months. She gave me a bouncer, 2 swings, a high chair, one of the floor play mats thingys, and a VERY brand new carseat. Compared to me only having a crib...I went from 0 to 60 very fast. Now I'm not nervous anymore. I have alot of clothes to start me off as he grows, I don't need any furniture....I"m blessed. I took belly pictures last week for my 32nd week..but I want to take some fresh new ones under the sunlight. So I'll post those tomorrow.