Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Birth Plan

Being that I will be delivering in a hospital where I do not receive prenatal care and where no one knows me..I have my birth plan ready for the nurse and delivering doctor to go through so that they can get a general idea of how I would like things to go. So of course I'm sharing it with the blog...why not?

This birth plan is to help people understand me and my pregnancy better..and how I would (like) things to go. My pregnancy has been a fairly easy one with the occasional bump & cramp or two, but I’m thankful for it being very….smooth. I would like delivery to go the same. The things listed in this plan are in no way “mandatory” ,of course things don’t ALWAYS go as planned, it’s just a general idea of how I would like everything to go. This is my first child…I don’t know everything! Therefore, any safer/easier alternative to anything listed here is very openly accepted.

I would like to go through the labor process naturally for as long as possible, however, I will be opting for an epidural. I don’t want to be forced into getting an epidural too early in the process that it wears off by the time I need it most. The moments before the epidural where I am dealing with my pain naturally, I would like to be able to move as freely as possible (Not many wires and gadgets connected to me). I would like use of the shower when I get too uncomfortable.

The persons to be present in the delivery room will be baby’s father and my mother. In the case that baby’s father is not available, I would prefer my best friend to take his place. In the case that my mother isn’t available, I would prefer that baby’s paternal grandmother take her place. I will be having my ipod in my ears at all times (unless of course there’s important topics to be discussed).

I will be breastfeeding so there shouldn’t be any formula feeding by nurses. Being that my son will be getting circumsized, I will allow him to have a pacifier during and after the procedure but other than that, NO PACIFIERS please. I would prefer if he stayed and slept in my room at all times unless there is testing to be done that can not be done inside the recovery room.

Again, nothing in this plan is binding. It’s just a general idea of how I would like things to go.