Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 11, 2011. Officially 7 days late for my period and officially "wondering". After several occassions of being late for my period by a couple of days..I thought nothing this time around when it didn't come on the 4th like it was supposed to. But I didn't want to test just yet.
After being disappointed several times...I decided to hold out until the 7th day this time.
I went to Rite-Aid because they was having a sale on the EPT pack of 2 for only $9.99..but of course they were sold out -_-. I settled for the $10.99 Answer brand pregnancy test thinking that if I'm really pregnant ... 1. I'm 7 days HCG levels should be through the roof and it really doesn't matter what test I use...if im pregnant.
Went home and had to wait a couple hours to test because I had just peed b4 I went to the store. So around 9pm...I took the test with me to the bathroom...did the whole pee on the stick thing..blah blah blah..and set it aside so i could finish handling my business. The whole time I'm thinking "I'm not period is jus gonna be REALLY late". Nope. I picked that test up and saw 2 lines.

Imagine how shocked I was..The one time I set myself up for a negative...i get a positive.

So the journey begins. The mood swings. The fatigue. The peeing every 30 seconds. The nausea. Oh joy. Me and my almond are gonna have a very fun filled 9 months.