Wednesday, June 30, 2010


12 weeks 5 days

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair Anyone?

I'm gonna need for the hair on my kindly make its way to my head. Seriously. I heard that hair would grow in weird places......but I look like a freaking bear!

First official official sonogram tomorrow...can't wait!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updated Due Date

Soo I haven't had my official sonogram yet...that won't be until the 21st of this month. But at my doctor's appointment on the 9th I asked for a small ultrasound..just so that I could see my baby. OMG...i kept telling myself not to cry..but when she zoomed in on the heart and I saw that little light flickering.......I lost it. Its still pretty surreal to me that I'm finally carrying my angel...

Anyway she measured the baby and gave me the actual date...I was 9 weeks 3 days on the 9th...which.....counting back the days (7 weeks and 3 days -- take off 2 weeks for the last period -- ...hits it right on the nose for when I conceived..I dare him to say something about not being the father....) NEWHOO CONTINUING ON...... My inital due date that I calculated based on my last period alone was January 11th..but with the actual age of the baby..I'm due on the 9th.

I'm soo excited :)

((I updated my ticker at the top as well))

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Aaawww! You're Glowing!"


Am I really?

What is this "glow" you speak of? Because personally....Unless you're talking about the excess oil and acne making my face more noticable...I have yet to notice a glow. face staaaays oily. I have no idea what product I can use to keep at bay even for at least a hour. I now wash my face 3 times a day and use my toner every chance I get.

The acne wasn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago...but the oil.....huuuuuunnnneeeeey......idk what to do.
Does anyone recommend a product?? I can literally moisturize my whole body with the oil from my face.

Not even laughing. -_-

EDIT 6/2/10 : I forgot I had my Dark Angels Cleanser from LUSH. That stuff used to dry my face OUT b4 I got I'm going to try that and see how it goes.