Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TP Tuesday

So one of the ladies in my Birth Club started this little game called "TP Tuesday". Where every week on tuesday we measure our bellies with toilet paper and count how many squares big we are. I thought this was such a great idea of course I had to take part...even if I am a day late in reading it lol.

So as of today I am 10 toilet paper squares round. Hehehe...

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Week Check-Up at the OB

So I just got back from the doctor. Had a very good visit.

While I was on the train going to my appointment is when Bryce woke up for the morning. He was moving around doing his usual morning aerobics..When BAM. He kicked me hard as hell! I looked up to see if anyone else on the train saw my shirt rise up from him kicking me and this lady was looking at me with the O_O face. LMAO! I think she thought I was possessed lol.

As some of you may know, I've been having issues with gaining weight. At my last appointment I had LOST 2 pounds of the total 8 I had gained. So my target for this go around was to EAT EAT EAT and try to gain at least 10 pounds. -_- I gained 4. Which makes my total weight gain in all 25 weeks I've been pregnant a grand total of 10! It seems like no matter how much I eat...the weight will not stick! But baby is gaining weight honestly that's all that matters. I was worried that my doctor was going to say something but she didn't. I did however pay a visit to my nutrionist to see what else I can do food wise to TRY to gain some weight. Little skinny ol' me won't be able to carry big ol' Bryce much bones will break lol. So she gave me another food plan....*Looks down at list*....That's alot of food....but I'm going to try it.

So while my doctor was listening to BJ's heartbeat she noticed his heartbeat was a little high and asked me if he was moving. Right as I said  "Yeah, he..." what does Bryce do? Yup. He kicked the doppler. My baby has an attitude problem. Lol. This is the second time in a row he's done that. "Ma, tell her to move that thing!" Lol. ♥

So now instead of 4 week checkups....I've moved to 2 weeks! I'm so excited lol..I thought this day would never come. Pretty soon it'll be 1 week checks..and then Bryce will be here! I can't wait to have another ultrasound tho...I don't have one scheduled currently "/

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 More Hours Pleeease?

So I woke up super early today (yes...11am is super early to me lmao. Me and BJ usually don't wake up until around 3pm..12:30 during the week) only because I had some stuff to take care of on facebook (I'm a Cafe World FREAK). I said I was going back to sleep when I finished but then BJ woke up and started kicking me like he's crazy.

Sidebar: Me and BJ have our own little language already. I give him an option and tell him to kick me such amount of times for yes or no (lol).

But I didn't even get a chance to do that today...I accidently said outloud "my head hurts..imma go back to sleep for a minute b4 i eat"....let me just say...Bryce did not like that. He kicked the living crap out of me for a good 5 minutes, forcing me to sit up in bed and start chewing on a piece of gum. So it's looking like I have to eat before I go back to sleep.

Sigh...I love my son ♥♥

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Know You're Pregnant When....

This post came up on one of my baby forums and wanted to share a couple of posts.  It kind of brightened my night.

You know you're pregnant when you are super excited about opening your new breastpump and trying it out.
You know you are pregnant when you feel gassy constantly
You know you're pregnant when the grocery store is as exciting to you as a candy store is to a kid
You know you're pregnant when you recheck the fridge every 5 mins to see if your craving has appeared
You know you're pregnant when can't go up a flight of stairs without sounding like you just ran miles
You know you're pregnant when you rather walk about in your underwear because nothing is comfortable to you anymore

No Pacifiers ... PLEASE!

Starting from birth...I will not be using any pacifiers. I don't see the point in them and too many parents rely on them as a way to unhandedly comfort their child. What's the joy in having your child suck on a piece of plastic for hours on end just because you don't want to hear your child cry or you're too "busy" to comfort him on your own? There are parents around that have 2 year olds and still haven't "weened" their child away from the pacifier. Why?

I don't want my child to have to rely on materialistic things and lead him to believe that these things are what he "needs". They're just temporary fixes and that's why I will not be giving my child a pacifier.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is sad..but still wanted to share.

Preemie dies on day of parents' funeral

It's Going To Be Hard...But I'm Ready (+Photos)

So during the past couple of weeks I've been catching up on episodes of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I would like to say that having my first child at 24, I'm at the age where I could care less if I go out every night or if I see my "friends every day. I'm looking forward to mommy hood and the stress it brings and I'll be very upset if I missed a milestone in my child's life because I was out partying and not out taking care of business.

So I realize that I never posted a blog after my ultrasound I had at 20 weeks. So here are a few pics :



I am so excited. I kind of already knew I was having a boy and it's what I wanted my first child to be but after having so many people tell me it was a girl, I was starting to think otherwise. My son's name will be Bryce Addai Johnson.

This is me now. At 24 weeks....