Tuesday, October 12, 2010

27 Week Doc Check Up : My Child Needs Anger Management

So...the docs appt went pretty much as usual. I haven't gained any weight in the past 2 weeks ... which is better than losing which my body has liked doing this whole pregnancy. So I'm still at a total 27 week weight gain of a whopping....10.

I guess the only hilarious part was when she went to check BJ's heartbeat with the doppler. I'm so used to him kicking the doppler's just like whatever. But today....OMG. Ok, whenever I lay flat on my back you can VERY clearly see the hump where he is laying.  As soon as the doctor put the jelly on my stomach....I felt him squirming. I'm thinking "oh boy...he's assuming the position so he can get a good kick in". NO. This boy would not sit still so she could get a good listen to his heart. You could see him literally moving from side to side of my belly as she tried to chase him. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh my ass off while I was on that table. I'm seriously dying laughing right now. You could see the lump just slooowly move to the left side....then back to the right...then back to the left...then back to the right...all this while he's also managing to kick (or punch) the doppler....3 TIMES! So after settling on a very faint but noticable and great heartbeat my doc gave up. You could just see the frustration on her poor face lmao.

So at my 25 week appt I took my glucose test. She said everything was fine with that....but I should "lay off the cookies". O_O First of did she know I eat a (family) pack of cookies a day? Second of sweets?? That's like......that's like death to me. Lol...So I had to go to the store and stock up on more healthy snack options. I'm proud of the options...but it's like everywhere I turn now...somebody's eating a damn cookie. SINCE WHEN?? These mofos don't even eat cookies like that! I think someone's out to get me. -_-

I also got my flu shot today. My doctor asked me if I wanted one and I flatout said "No." I've never gotten one and I haven't caught the flu in over 4 years. But of course.....she laid the guilt trip on me "Weeeeeell pregnant women get sick easily and when they get sick.....they get it bad." How the hell could I say no to that? So I reluctantly told her ok. It didn't hurt when I got it....and now 4 hours later my arm is THROBBING. Damn nurse told me if I start noticing cold symptoms to take a tylenol. First of all...I had to settle with taking tylenol for my pain... I HATED tylenol b4 I got never worked. I was an Aleve girl. I know for a fact that ish is not gonna work if I get the damn flu. If I get sick....and I know I will because that's what a flu shot does....IT GET'S YOU SICK...I'm coming all the way back to NY and coughing in everybody's face. *hmph.

But that was my last appointment with my doc here in NY. I'm moving back home to Virginia next week....*ultra sad face*. Even though I'm sad to be leaving...I know this is a better option for me and Bryce and I am soo ready to begin yet another new life. My mom called social services down in VA for me (I would've did it myself...but....she's my mom....enough said) to see what I needed to do as far as my food stamps and medicaid and they said all I needed to do was get NY to transfer my case down...So I guess I'll attempt to get in touch with someone tomorrow.

The whole social services thing is another issue...1 of the many reasons I'm stressed out these days. But once I move and get everything settled...I know my stress and frustration level will go considerably down. Why can't moving be easy??