Saturday, April 23, 2011


So there are plenty of "professionals" out there that are against co-sleeping (and end up contradicting themselves saying that co-sleeping is ok for the first 6 weeks of life). Co-Sleeping is one of the causes of SIDS, being that there's the possibility of you rolling over on your little one and suffocating them. Personally...why put your child in the bed with you if you know you're that type of sleeper. If you know for a fact that you're usually all over the bed at's pure common sense.

Anyway, I have been co-sleeping with Bryce since the day he was born. Mainly because we were in the process of moving within 3 weeks after his birth and there was loads of clothes and crap inside his crib. Another reason being that I'm lazy. It's so much easier just rolling over, tossing him the boob (I breastfeed) and fall back asleep. I mastered the art of feeding while laying down within the first week. If you breastfeed and don't know what I'm talking about...try it. It will save your life and get you extra zzzz's at night.

I've tried several unsuccessful times to wean him into his crib. But...because of my own unsecurities (and laziness) has yet to work. Well...I started trying again last night. We did our usual bed routine. Fed him rice cereal (he started on rice cereal around April 18th or so), bath time, every other day he gets a lotion massage, then it's either tv or story time for 10 minutes, feeds from the breast and after that BED.

Last night wasn't too bed. After I laid him in his bed he slept for about 30 minutes and woke up. The method I'm using to to just leave him in his crib. Even if he cries, I'll offer the pacifier, lay my hand on his belly and just comfort him until he settles down. I DON'T PICK HIM UP.  He whined off and on until it was feeding time again (smh). So I fed him as usual, laid him back down..and he fell asleep this time. He did wake up once but after I gave him his paci and relaxed him he fell back asleep.

I ended up going to bed myself around 2am..his feeding was supposed to be at 3am....being that I was so exhausted...I have NO idea what time I woke up to get Bryce and feed him. All I know is I woke up this morning around 7am wondering how the hell he got in my bed lol. I don't remember hearing him cry, nothing. Just that I laid down at 2am and woke up at 7am very confused lol.

We'll try it again tonight, and tomorrow and every night from here on out. I know both he and I will sleep more peacefully if we don't have each other rolling over and disturbing each other at night. Wish me luck that he takes to it quickly.

I had to deal with this every time I wanted to get into MY bed. lol

Friday, April 22, 2011

OMG #Fail

Totally haven't been keeping up with the blog like I was supposed to. Well lets get right to it.

I'm pretty sure by now you know I did give birth to my bundle (he was due in January....It's practically the end of April..3 months overdue...that would be crazy lol). So lets go into the whole serious of events.

I went into "early labor" right on my due date. January 7th. The whole day I was thinking...this is it..this is it. I had contractions...but they weren't consistent or strong enough for me to go into the hospital. They ranged from every 10 minutes, to every 5, to even every 3..but it never steadied out. After the whole day of braxton hicks I went through the weekend very well, minus the usual aches and pains. Monday, January 10th I started having these pains again, only they were stronger and more uncomfortable. I literally stayed in bed all day and forced myself to eat about 5 crackers around noon. Around 4pm, I had enough and decided to go to the hospital. I was already 3 days overdue. The worst than can do is send me home, right? Well....that's what they did. Send me home. Well, not technically. But after a few conversations with the nurse, I decided it was best that I went home. Granted, the doctor hadn't made her decision to admit me or not (she wanted me to stay for more observation and see how my contractions were progressing on their own) but I didn't want to stay in the hospital overnight (by that time it was about 11pm) only for the doctor to not decide to admit me. So after a very painful stop at Taco Bell's late night drive thru and an even more painful ride on the highway (I swear I was ready to tell my mom to make a u-turn back to the hospital...My contractions HURT!) I made it home.

Wednesday, January 12th is when everything started. I was supposed to wake up at 6am to get myself ready for my 41 week check up at the doctor...but...I could not move. I decided to skip out of my doctor's appt (didn't call..oops sorry) because something in my head told me I would be seeing doctors later anyway. ALL DAY LOOOOONG I had very consistent, PAINFUL contractions. 5 minutes apart...I knew they were the real deal. But I tried to bear it out at home as long as I possibly could, I was scared it would turn out being another false alarm. The morning of January 13th, I had just gotten off the phone with a good friend and was trying to lay down to sleep. I COULDN'T...every time I went to lay down...I got the worst excruciating pain in the world. That's how I knew..."this is it". I woke my mom up and told her "You might want to call an ambulance." Whew, if that woman didn't jump up like a bat out of hell (what does that even mean? "bat out of hell"...hmm..anyway,). The ambulance was there within minutes (after my mom talked on the phone w/ the dispatcher for what I felt seemed like hours, asking me every stupid question in the book)..only for the ambulance crew to come and ask the same damn questions. It took for me to have 3 contractions before they jumped their butts into gear.

The ride in the ambulance wasn't like I expected it to be...Where were the lights?? Sirens?? Speeding like a Nascar driver? C'mon...I'm paying for a pieceful 45mph drive to my hospital? Booooooooo. Anway, made it to my hospital around 2:30-3:00am. And all I have to say is my nurse was the BEST. She had me admitted, checked my dilation (at that time I was 4cm) AND had the anesthesiologist give me my epidural. Yes, honey..smooth sailing from there. I was checked again around 11:30am by a student doctor...her dumbass said I was still at 4cm...then asked my nurse to double check. My nurse measured me at 7cm. -_- Why I opted in to let the students touch my body...i do not know.

Around 1:15pm I woke up from one of my many naps (hell..I was drugged UP!) and something didn't feel right...I felt something...poking out of my lady part...WTF IS THAT? Pressed that good ol' nurse emergency button and said "Um....I feel something coming out." 3 nurses rushed in, 1 checked me and she said "uh oh...we're about to have a baby!" That's when everything hit home...I was about to be a mom. Bryce's head was not only sticking out...but he had pushed my bag of water out didn't even break! Being on the body was naturally pushing..but I couldn't feel it because my whole lower half was numb. A nurse broke my bag of water..and after that it was Push to 10. 30 minutes 1:49pm I gave birth to my heat. Bryce Addai Johnson. 10 fingers. 10 toes...AND A TOOTH! My baby was born with teeth..but they pulled it because his gums weren't mature enough yet and there was the possibility of him swallowing it.

I'm not going to post all of his milestones...I waited so long to post this blog, I'll just pick up here. He is 14 weeks as of yesterday, and the BADDEST 3 month old I've ever met! Recent pictures are below, from the past 2 weeks, I promise I'll drop in more often now :)