Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Can I Run To?

That SWV..or Total (...or whoever's) song has been on repeat in my mind.

So these past few days I've been doing alot of thinking. Reevaluating relationships because I need to stop wasting my time on dead weight. What it really comes down to is I have no one I can really talk to. I have no one I can call up and know that they're going to answer. Naturally, these days all I want to talk about is my baby and new things that's happening or weird things that's going on. It seems like every time I bring him up to someone...the subject gets changed and I get disregarded.

Who did I call when for the past 2 days BJ wasn't moving like he was supposed to? No one. I would rather sit by my lonesome and talk to my belly than talk to "friends" who aren't listening. I thought that's what friends were for. To be that shoulder to lean on. To just listen when you need to talk. At least that's what I do. That's my definition. If I'm wrong...please advise because I need to change my ways to my "friends". I'm always there. Even if I have no advice to give....Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a person is your time. Why can't I get that in return?

So I'm finding myself distancing myself from alot of people in my life. There's no need for me to be stressing over people answering their phone's and whatnot....They don't even call ME! I'm always the one reaching out. That's something else that's going to change.

You gotta give to receive.

Anyway. Bryce is fine. Mother's instinct told me he was doing great. I'm not one of those paranoid moms that call the hospital or go to the ER unnecessarily 24/7. I just let him get his rest. Now today he was back to doing his normal thing...only I felt hands more than feet... he did more tickling than kicking. He only kicked me when I was TRYING to eat. Making me have to run to the bathroom on more than one occasion.

Friday, Oct. 8th marks the start of my 7th month.....Yikes! 3rd Trimester...the home stretch. I can't wait. BJ is already my new best friend. Can't wait to have a face to put with the title.