Tuesday, December 21, 2010

37 Week Check Up

Gained another 5lbs! So what are we at now? 37lb total weight gain? Craaaazy. It's all in my belly tho *as I look down and notice i dropped jelly on my belly from my pb&j i was eating*

Everything went pretty normally. I was told this was my last time getting blood drawn.....YAY! And I had my Groub B strep test done. It's pretty much the same procedure as a PAP smear only..duh it's a different test.

I asked the doctor about my braxton hicks and my back pains...since they've gotten worse for me during the weekend. It's all perfectly normal..(of course).. she said since I'm such a small person carrying a nice weight baby (still have yet to have an ultrasound to see how big he is) that he's partially in my belly and partially in my back. And now that the time is drawing near....he's just really trying to get comfortable..there's no space in there!

So now my doctor's appointments are every week. I go back next Wednesday. I'm just really anxious at this point..pretty soon my baby boy will be here! ♥