Wednesday, January 5, 2011

39 Week/40 Week Check Up

*I didn't update last week because it was just routine and nothing new*

So I didn't know what to title this...since my appointments changed from tuesday to wednesday...I'll technically be 40 weeks in 2 days.

So I don't know where to start....the unbelievable weight gain? Ok. So 2 days ago I weighed myself on my home scale like I usually do so that I could get a general idea of how much weight I've gained b4 going to the doctor. Let's just say....I gained 10 pounds in 2.....2 days! W.T.F. I swear their scales were wrong until I got home and weighed myself again and yup....definitely gained 10lbs. Again..W.T.F. Unless I read the scale wrong that day...I have no idea how to explain that one.

So anywho...I hop my naked booty onto the table. Doc listens in on the heartbeat as usual then she prepares to check me. Mind you..this is my first time being checked....NO ONE prepared me for that experience. OMG. She said take a deep breath and before I could finish my breath she rammed her hand inside me. Child, when I say I screamed....I screamed. I was squirming soo much trying to get off that table and away from her. But the good news is..I'm 3cm dilated..and she said his head was really low. She went ahead and scratched/stripped my membranes which she said is supposed to help me go into That's probably what took her soo long to get the hell out of my vajayjay. But neway..she told me to walk walk walk..and she expects me to not be at next weeks appointment. We'll see...I'm feeling real confident about the fact that I may be going into labor soon...Hell, maybe tonight.

So ... the next time I post...I won't be pregnant :)