Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Need Is a Baby ((Pics))

So I finally put some pep in my step and finished the carseat and other random things. Here's the pics I halfway promised from the last post ((I wanted to take a pic of his coming home outfit..but I forgot...and I don't feel like going to unpack it right now...yeah...back to lazy mode))

So here's my pack & play/bassinet. Being that I just moved back to my mother's house..there's really no room for both of us to have anything big and extravagant. So he (and I) will be sleeping in the living room until we move in February.
It was given to me by his Aunt. It was barely niece would rather sleep next to her than in her bed lol.

Here's the link so you can see a more...unwashed out picture ((the sun is crazy in that room..i love it though)).
It retails at for $135 and is very easy to put together/take apart and travel with.

The changing area. I put wash cloths in one of the holders to the side. When I get some baby wipes ((which I have none yet lol)) They will somehow go there too. More than likely I'll have a travel size holder to fit in there.

And in the other holder next to the washcloths are pampers & extra onesies for those "Oops!" changing moments.

Don't mind the pile of crap in the back :)
Here is the swing. I loooove it. It can actually rotate to a different direction so that it rocks as opposed to "swing" and it plays music as well as outdoors sounds. I took the tray off..I don't think I'm really going to use it until he gets a little bigger. Idk..that's TBD.

This was given to me by that lovely lady I found on craigslist.

And here is the car seat. It is Chicco brand and retais for $180 at Babies R Us
Which includes the car seat base, head & body supports and arm strap protectors. After playing around with it and figuring out some of it's little secrets...I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

(I took the straps out to wash the liner and everything..and didn't put them back in for the pic. Blah.

This was given to me as well by my craigslist angel.

Then I put in my JJ Cole BundleMe so he can be nice and warm. It retails for about $50 on

So now I can sit back and relax for these next couple of weeks..because everything is all set and ready! Well minus the fact that I need to pack my stuff into the bag...Everything for Bryce is packed, set up...and ready! :)